Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cyclo Cention

I've got two army projects on the go at the moment, and today I'd like to show you my cyclos. The convicts are some of the most characterful scuplts in the Kryomek range, and were one of the reasons I got into the game in the first place. I'm looking at putting together the list from the Hivestone supplement. So, the list:

HQ - 1 Marine Command Squad, mounted in an APC.
1 Guard Squad (EBS Cyclo NCO & 4 regulars) mounted in an APC

Infantry - 16 squads of Cyclos
4 Heavy weapons squads

Elite EBS - 4 squads of Cyclos in EBS
1 EBS Heavy Weapons Squad

Heavy Support - 1 Squad of 2 Raven Striders
1 Squad of 2 Support Vehicles

And here's what I have so far:

1st Platoon (8 infantry squads & 2 HW squads)

EBS Cyclos (4 infantry squads & 1 HW squad)
Marines (The HQ will be made up from 5 of these)

APC (1 have 2 of these)

Raven (Again, I have 2 of these)

For the paint-scheme, I've gone for utilitarian - greys, gunmetal and a spot of red. These guys are meant to be expendable, so no fancy camo or insignia. This scheme is also pretty quick - quite important as there'll be 150 infantry in the finished force.

Next up, the bad guys!

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