Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Great Big One (update)

Well hello, and apologies for the lack of action. Now we're getting to autumn proper, there'll be a lot more going on - I promise!

But in my absence, I have been pretty busy, so here's what's new.

I've been quite active on Ebay lately, and after months of searching I've managed to track down a Swarm-Master for the fledgling swarm. When it arrived, I was quite taken aback with just how massive it is!

It's going to need stripping back and some repairing, but it's going to make a great centre-piece for the army when done. I've also been picking up quite a few of the smaller critters - 80+ assorted Warmasters, Warriors, Helions and Drones at the last count! - so I've certainly got my work cut out.

The cyclos are slowly nearing completion, with just 29 infantry left to be painted for the cention to finished.

And finally, I've started off a platoon of CBUs.

This one will be a bit of a slow burner until I get the convicts finished, but I'll be looking to expand it with Interdict Marines, Walkers, and (maybe) Jet-bikes.

More updates soon.


  1. Wow, that Swarm Master's scale is truly impressive!

  2. Hi Gyro - been working my way through your blog and there's a lot of inspirational stuff there.

    The Swarm Master certainly is a big bugger!

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