Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Talos Variants

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I'm back!

Had these sitting on the desk semi-finished for ages, and finally got them done.

Top to bottom we've got the Mad Dog, Howler, and Pointman heads. To be honest, the sculpts aren't in the same league as the originals, but they had to be done for completeness. I'm also not sure of the wisdom of equiping a unit for close combat against a race that specialises in tearing things apart at close quarters, but there you go.

More as and when.


  1. Great blog. Had kryomek book for ages and "grew up" staring at the minis in an old gone local shop...

    Nowadays is hard to see any kryomek miniature painted arround the net or elsewhere for that matter.

    May I advice you to make the pics a bit larger so we can enlarge them to full size on click ? I'd love to see close-ups of your work :)


  2. Thanks for the comments. I upload the images through the blog spot software - how do I go about doing the zoom in thing you suggest? I have a photo bucket account if that helps.