Tuesday 28 September 2010

A Great Big One (update)

Well hello, and apologies for the lack of action. Now we're getting to autumn proper, there'll be a lot more going on - I promise!

But in my absence, I have been pretty busy, so here's what's new.

I've been quite active on Ebay lately, and after months of searching I've managed to track down a Swarm-Master for the fledgling swarm. When it arrived, I was quite taken aback with just how massive it is!

It's going to need stripping back and some repairing, but it's going to make a great centre-piece for the army when done. I've also been picking up quite a few of the smaller critters - 80+ assorted Warmasters, Warriors, Helions and Drones at the last count! - so I've certainly got my work cut out.

The cyclos are slowly nearing completion, with just 29 infantry left to be painted for the cention to finished.

And finally, I've started off a platoon of CBUs.

This one will be a bit of a slow burner until I get the convicts finished, but I'll be looking to expand it with Interdict Marines, Walkers, and (maybe) Jet-bikes.

More updates soon.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Updated Walkers

Greetings, and apologies for the lack of post lately. I've been away for a well deserved holiday, and really lacked any kind of painting mojo on my return. But it's back! And I've finished repainting the Raven striders for the cention.

To be honest, I'd forgotten what a pig these guys are to put together. They'll all metal and very heavy, so they need some careful balancing in assembly. There's also lots of pinning, and still the legs were a nightmare. But they're done!

I'll have an update on the swarm soon as I've just won a very exciting auction.