Friday 2 October 2015

So we're back!

Did a stock take today to see what I've got, and this was what it looked like:

The stuff in blue is from a second hand haul I grabbed when I picked up my Swarm-Master, and will need to be stripped before painting.

To save your eyes, included are:

10 Colonial Marines
14 Marines
3 Marine Casualties
10 EBS Cyclos
14 Cyclos
6 Predator Marines
8 Talos
1 Helcat
1 Storm Strider
1 Tiger APC

4 War-Masters
31 Warriors
14 Hybrids
27 Helions
2 Heavy Spore Launchers


Think I may start with the Cyclos as they're already based and primed - path of least resistance and all that. Then, who knows!