Monday 22 March 2010

Let us begin

"It is said that Man is made in the image of God and since this God made the universe, Humanity feels confident that it has a right to rule it.

"But there are other Gods, dark Gods, Gods in whose terrible image other creatures are made - and these too might believe that they are destined to rule...."

So begins Kryomek, the 25mm science fiction skirmish system, originally produced by Fantasy Forge in 1991. I loved it back then, and I still do. Whilst all my pals were getting into the high fantasy of Rogue Trader, I was much more taken with the harder, grittier style of this game. I'd just seen "Aliens" and these rules allowed me to play out similar ideas on the table top using marines, convict squads, robots, walkers, and of course the aliens themselves. I'd dropped out of gaming and modelling until I discovered last year that the range of figures were still being produced by Scotia Grendel and I once again started work on gaming the Great Wars between the Nexus Forces of Panhumanic Spacetime and the Swarms of the Kryomek Great Hive Hegemony.

So in this blog, I'm hoping to show you bits of fluff from the background, the forces involved, some modelling projects, some thoughts on game mechanics,some new rules, and a few battle reports. The aim is to hopefully tempt you into trying the game for yourself, as I believe it still has a lot to offer despite being twenty years old.

And finally, a shot of my fledgling swarm.

More updates soon.


  1. Kryomek was one of my favourite wargames back in the day (background and game)
    I have a dusty old Nexus force in a box somewhere - I was kind of considering selling it...but a renaissance might suit me, especially if the Kryomek are available again!

  2. I remember these from back in the day. Have to look them up again. What scale do the rules play? Skirmish or larger?

  3. Donogh - they certainly are. Check out the Scotia Grendel link at the top of the page.

    Redtroop - In the main, the rules handle fairly largish games quite comfortably, although you'll need to make sure each squad has one type of weapon and a support weapon or two, otherwise it bogs down. I've streamlined the game a little which speeds it up - I'll put details up in a post at some point.

  4. Cool stuff! I look forward to seeing more about what you're doing with the game. I've been digging out my own collection and looking to get more... and finding where I stored the rulebooks.