Sunday 29 April 2012

Companies in excellent service shock

I like good service. I tip well when I go out to eat, and it's something I always try to provide with my own business. So it's only fair that I draw your attention to My recent experience with Scotia-Grendel and EM4. I placed an order on Friday morning, and blow me if it didn't pitch up on Saturday. Colour me impressed. So what did I get? Well, there were a bunch of bases that I needed, along with the last convicts for the cyclo cention.

I also picked up the heavy weapons troopers for my SWAT, along with a Goliath Heavy walker.

The walker is a really nice cast - not too too much flash to deal with - and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it. But it's going to be the cycles first. Once they're done I'll be wanting to get some shots done of the whole army. I'm not really sure of the best way of going about it, so if anyone has any advice I'd be very grateful. Laters

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  1. Thanks for your comment over on I hope to be reviewing more some more of the Kryomek range in future too, there are some real gems in there! Give me a shout on the email address listed at the bottom of my site if you'd like to trade links. Keep up the good work!