Friday 27 April 2012

I told you I was back

What's this? Two updates in two weeks? Surely not. I'll be turning into a regular blogger at this rate.

So on picking up the brushes again, I went right back to my comfort zone and painted up another unit of cyclos. And do you know what? I really enjoyed it.


Nothing earth-shattering, but it does bring me another step closer to finishing off the cention. Just 14 figures left and it's done, so I'll be placing the order for those later today. While I'm waiting, these will be next.

There'll be more interesting stuff in due course, but for now I'm happy enough to just be enjoying painting again.

More soon. I promise!


  1. Very cool to see more of these.
    Can't wait to see the little monsters painted up.

    1. Thanks - going to do my best to get them done this weekend.

  2. Great stuff on the troops, looking forward to the gribblies now :)